Welcome to the Bonaparte at Marengo 2006 Tournament Page!


First Annual BaM Tournament kicks off!

Check the pairings on the Sweet 16 +2 page to find out who you are are playing!

Results will be posted on the BaM Bracket page.

Some explanation on the pairings and seedings:

The pairings are somewhat randomized. I arranged the players in four levels of strength (1 through 4) based on previous performance and participation. I then randomized each sub-group. So if you were in the top group (Level 1), then you would have a random seed of from 1 through 4. In the future, I think I will adopt a more formal (but hopefully fairly simple) ranking system.

Two players (Owen and Wright) must wait for a preliminary match before they can play their first game.

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email me for more info or to sign up.