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Sometime in June

George Fagin regains his BaM crown by defeating Scott Henshaw in a game that was not decided until the final battle of the final turn! Congrats to both players for an excellent game.




Yet more new Game Boxes! Version 14 by Brian Mullin is now available and should be used for all future games. Note there is also a Special Edition of v14 based on the wonderful 'antique' map by Mattia Romano. Brian has create a 'v14 SE' game box that uses this new map.

Please note that the 'normal' game box and map are to be used for all Ladder and Tourney play unless both players agree to use the Special Edition map.

Many thanks to Mattia and Brian for the development, to Bowen for his gracious permission to utilize these alternatives (as well for designing such a great game), and to Garry Haggerty for the initial development of the BaM game boxes as well as exceptional feedback during the development process of the latest game boxes.



Here you will find all the tools (except for the game itself) necessary to play BaM by email, and also participate in the ongoing BaM Ladder. The BaM Ladder is a ranked list of BaM players who strive to become the Ladder Leader. And if you cannot reach that lofty goal, at least you will find other players where you at least will be able to improve your game through experience.

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NOTE: It is assumed you own a legal copy of Bonaparte at Marengo. However, a recent statement by Bowen Simmons has approved play for non-owners of the game (it is now out of print). If you do not own the game, you can find the rules at Bowen's site Simmons Games Company, and you can find the Cyberboard boxes necessary to play on this site.

Special thanks to Brian Mullin and Garry Haggerty for supplying the Cyberboard game boxes for BaM (found in the downloads section).

All images shown on these webpages used with permission, graciously supplied, and copyright by the Simmons Game Company.