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A Mountain Bike Trek to Bonneville Point, Idaho

Four Miles on the Original Oregon Trail

Bonneville Point


The Bonneville Point Interpretive Center has some monuments, plagues and story boards describing the history of this historic location.

The first thing a visitor will see is a sign giving credit to those organizations responsible for the management of this site.


In the Interpretative Center itself, you will see several commemorative plaques as well as some story boards detailing some of the history.


These plaques are on or in front of a rocky pedastal.


A list of supplies and their cost required by the emigrants. Quite fascinating.


A desciption of a wagon and its cost. Also very interesting.



A brief history and a map.


A couple of other plaques are present but I want to leave something for a suprise. :)


The views from Bonneville Point

This is looking back east where the emigrants had just traveled hundreds of desolate miles.


Views to the southwest (one on the right is 'zoomed').


Views to the west. Boise is the green patch just above the crest.


Looking northwest towards some might fine riding hills.


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