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A Mountain Bike Trek to Bonneville Point, Idaho

Four Miles on the Original Oregon Trail

"Mile Four"


Mile 3.29

Another BLM marker. They seemed to have made a lot of these.


Mile 3.54

Here we are forced to go left as the BLM is trying to keep traffic on only one route. Incidentally, the sign is where I placed my camera when doing my 'self-portrait'.


Mile 3.59

Take a right for a change. Note the small sign on the right which cleverly says "Trail".


Mile 3.74

A quick right, up the hill and you're there!


You've arrived.

Now you can visit Bonneville Point.

or alternatively, back to the Bonneville Point Bike Trek home page.



And if you have made it this far, you get a bonus pic of me riding down the trail from Bonneville Point!

Please note that the puffy belly appearance is caused by the wind blowing out my shirt, not from my puffy belly. Honest!!


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