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A Mountain Bike Trek to Bonneville Point, Idaho

Four Miles on the Original Oregon Trail

"Mile One"


Mileage is indicated in hundredths of miles. I calibrated my odometer before and after the ride, so I am fairly confident of its accuracy. I have no confidence in the accuracy of your odometer. :)


The First Mile

The Second Mile

The Third Mile

The Last Mile


Mile 0.00

The start of the Oregon Trail can be seen in the center-middle as a double-track heading towards the hills. The stuff right in front is the base for what I assume will be a new road (paved or graveled) leading towards the new subdivision.


Mile 0.10

After only a few hundred feet, you will run into the 'new' road again. To the right is what apparently will be the cul-de-sac for the new homes. Again, the Oregon Trail continues on across the road.


Mile 0.50

This is about as 'easy' as the Oregon Trail gets. You can see where this portion stills gets quite a bit of truck and SUV traffic. The grey-brown color is very typical of the Oregon Trail. Don't know if its caused by a 150 years of dumping tin cans and cow manure, or something else. The picture on the right shows the Oregon Trail winding up the hill (you might need to look at the large image to see the trailmore clearly).


This image is very typical of the Oregon trail. The trail has many turnouts, spurs and side trails that were created to either create better routes around obstacles or washouts, or in other cases for better foraging. This small 'by-pass' only extends for few hundred yards.



Mile 0.97 & 1.00

At just about a mile you will come to the first major intersection. The road to the left leads to the single track which will take you to Lucky Peak Dam. In most cases, it is almost obvious which route to take. The Oregon Trail will typically be deeply rutted and have the gray-brown color mentioned early. Also you find the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) markers which have been posted at intervals along the trail. They are concrete pegs about 3 feet high, with "Oregon Trail" carved into one side and "BLM" onto another. Your first BLM marker is just a few feet down the right road. You can just make it out in the left picture.

I f you happen to connect to the Oregon Trail from the Lucky Peak Dam route, you can simply subtract 1.00 from my mileage markings to get your bearings.


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