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A Mountain Bike Trek to Bonneville Point, Idaho

Four Miles on the Original Oregon Trail

"Mile Two"


Mile 1.06

Another quick decision. Take a left but the experienced among you should have already recognized the older and more worn trail. The road on the right leads to an interesting single track (some pictures later) which I have not taken because I really don't know where it ends up.

This is another very typical image of a grade on the Oregon Trail. Decades of rain have worn away one side of the trail to a deep rut, leaving hundreds of death cookies. Needless to say, avoiding ruts on the Oregon Trail is a 'good thing.'


Mile 1.47

These are some of the deepest ruts that I have seen on the Oregon Trail, and they are much nastier than they look here.

I have no idea why the color is different in these two pics. My camera was set on 'Automatic' and I just let it do its own thing.


Mile 1.62
2 2

Another BLM marker. After all, I wouldn't want you to get lost. Off to the right you can just make out a single track which I have not traveled. But it does look interesting.


Mile 1.71

This is one of the less obvious intersections. The 'original' Oregon Trail veers off and up steeply to the right and can be verified by another BLM marker quickly coming up. However, you may also go left and less steep (but more rocky) and pick up the trail again in about 3 tenths of a mile.


Mile 1.76

As advertised, the 'next' BLM marker.


Mile 1.85

Looking back (towards the west) from whence we came.


Mile 2.01

And yet another BLM marker. The picture on the right shows the first sighting of our goal, Bonneville Point, which can just be made out at the top of the far rise.


Mile 2.12

Hard to believe, I know, but still another BLM marker.


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