War at Sea



WaS 'firish' links

8th BPA War At Sea PBeM tournament
8th BPA War at Sea mini-bracket (Monnin)
8th BPA War At Sea Large Bracket

'Quick Med' tournament
'Quick Med' Bracket

vwroller (Die Roller exclusively for WaS and VitP; interactive web page)

TurnKeeper (Excel Spreadsheet for tracking WaS games)


Die Rollers (these are 'certified' for use in VitP games)



Relevant Links

WaS PBEM Ladder,round 42 (Tim Tow)
Markevich's WaS Ladder and Tournament Index (archive)
WaS Rules Clarifications

BPA PBeM Tournament Page
BPA Website
BPA Laurels earned in War At Sea

Forums, etc

WaS at ConsimWorld
WaS 1975 at BGG (Avalon Hill)
WaS 1977 (Expansion) at BGG (Avalon Hill)
WaS 2007 at BGG (L2 Design Group)

VitP at GameAholics


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