War at Sea


2010 Quick Med Tourney





Note that loser bracket winner (winner of bracket 'D') plays winner of Match C.

If winner of Match C defeats winner of Match D, then that player is Quick Med Champion.

If winner of Match C loses to winner of Match D, then they must have a one-game playoff (they will both have lost one game then) to determine Quick Med Champion.




A summary of the 'rules':

  1. Double Elimination
  2. Random seeding
  3. Tie goes to ALLIES
  4. Allie player must place a minimum of six ships (any six) in Med on Turn 1 (no restrictions after Turn 1).
  5. Two month time limit per game (faster is OK ) ; first results due April 30. I expect we will finish faster than that. If a bracket pairing becomes available before the deadline, players should start that round as soon as convenient to both players.
  6. AREA rated
  7. 'Normal' bidding rules; player listed in bottom of each pair will start the bidding.