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Openings by the Experts (now saved in WaSTurnKeeper format v2.4b)

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Latest Version is 2.4b


Why Turnkeeper?

In many ways, War at Sea is so simple that it doesn't really need elaborate programs such as Cyberboard, Vassal, et. al.to keep track of the few units available to each side. Many PBEM game moves are just 'text'd back and forth between the players.

Having said that, however, I find my organizational skills are often lacking, and I make many, many stupid mistakes or typoes in some of my games. Thus, I came up with an Excel Spreadsheet which keeps track of the start and end position of each move. I've also added a few bells and whistles, such as the ability to sort each column in the spreadsheet so you can easily track units by area, damage, ship type, etc.

I've also added a POC tracker which automatically calculates the current POC based on the Initial Bid and control of the various sea areas.

A small screenshot of the spreadsheet:

The first column is just an index to the ships; the rest of the columns are pretty much self-explanatory.

Clicking on the red S will sort the column under the S; clicking a second time will sort in the reverse order.


Download the current version of WaSTurnKeeper (v2.4b)

This spreadsheet may be used for personal only; if you wish to use it for other purposes, please contact me. If you want to use it make some money, please, PLEASE contact me!


Openings by the Experts

The following openings were gleaned from "The Boardgamer's Unofficial Guide to: WAR AT SEA" which is available from Bruce Monnin at his Boardgamer Webpage.

Ray Freeman
North Atlantic Gambit
North Sea Gambit (Freeman)
Barents Sea Gambit
South Atlantic Gambit
Conventional Mediterranean
Radical Mediterranean

John Pack
Weak North Atlantic
Weak South Atlantic
Three Area Mediterranean

Jonathan Lockwood
Barents on One

Bruce Monnin
North Sea Gambit (Monnin)

Version History:
v2.4b Corrected column sorting error in Axis Sort for Column 'K'; updated openings with v2.4b
v2.4a Convoy results added to POC calculation
v2.3g added row entries for all U-boats (not just 7); POC calculation now limits range from -10 to +10
v2.3f fixed sorting problem
v2.3e Adding running POC scores (automatically calculated); added LBA units; back to larger column widths
v2.3d updated openings with v2.3d
v2.3c something happened here...
v2.3b smaller column widths so entire spreadsheet can be seen on screen in 1024x768 res; added ship names to right-most column
v2.3a minor cosmetic changes.
v2.3 Added Anson to British reinforcements.
v2.2 Versions prior to 2.2 had left out two Italian ships (the Caro Diulio and the Guilio Cesare); it turns out that some of my opponents really wanted to play with all the ships available. Can you imagine that?

You may use this spreadsheet for personal use only
copyright 2012 J.R. Jarvinen